Monday, September 10, 2012

The Last Post?

I began this blog earlier this year (2012) for a variety of reasons, including the possibility of expanding my web presence by having a somewhat more specialized blog.

However, I’ve decided to re-evaluate this one.

I’m not saying that I’ll never post something to a website or blog with this domain name again but I’ve lost interest in doing that for the immediate future.

It’s time to move on and spend more time elsewhere in cyberspace.

With that said, keep checking back here from time to time for occasional posts… Maybe.

People are invited to contact me via email,, and to visit the following sites:

Godspeed, Good Luck and Keep in Touch!


Bernard C. Cormier

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Strange Adventures

The term "strange adventures" has been frequently associated with the DC comic book series "Strange Adventures".

DC Comics has published many series titled simply "Strange Adventures" off-and-on since 1950. There will likely be another one published at some point in the future.

Volume 1: 1950-1973
Volume 2: 1999-2000
Volume 3: 2009
Volume 4: 2011

Friday, September 7, 2012

Transparency (Modified)

"Non-Profit" (or alternately "Not-For-Profit") organizations (or organizations publicly claiming to be) should voluntarily demonstrate financial transparency by making all financial records publicly available online, especially if the people managing them claim that they don't have any interested in making personal profit from such activities.

So called "Non-Profit" organizations like some comic book conventions shouldn't be taken seriously without public transparency and an absence of secrecy.

If the organizers of such “for-profit-non-profits” are really interested in making an event in the best interest of the public and not fill their clique-ish pockets with profit, they shouldn't need to read this blog post to publicly divulge such information.... Especially if they are planning to access public money and/or support for the event from any or all levels of Government.

The Government, and all of its branches, are owned by (and as such represent) the people (citizens), therefore everybody has a right to know all of the details about everything the civil servants are getting the public money, assets, and/or other types of resources involved with.

Permanently open the financial books for all to see.

Exploitation (Modified)

People that volunteer for the organizations that exists to make a profit for an individual (or a group) are obviously being exploited.

Volunteering for such organizations would be like donating time to McDonalds or any other corporation.

When these types of groups make statements like “It’s your event! Give us your ideas!” online, they are attempting to exploit na├»ve individuals to help the organizers make money.

It’s common sense.

My advice: Don’t get fooled.

Invest your time into activities that benefit you and not the bank accounts of others.